OCS Education Foundation Inc.
17 Kent Street
Oxford, New Jersey 07863
A 501(c)(3) NJ Not for Profit Corporation
NJ Tax ID: 0101-0309-15 Federal ID: 47-407-6468

About Us

The OCS Education Foundation is a New Jersey 501(c)3 corporation organized for the following purposes

  1. To foster supportive community and private sector relationships to service the interests and needs of the students of the Oxford Township School District;

  2. To inform the community about the strengths of, and challenges faced by, the Oxford Central School;

  3. To serve as a catalyst to support and enhance school improvement programs that heighten learning opportunities for children;

  4. To provide grants to teachers and the school district to develop innovative programs and activities in Science and Technology, Fine and Performing Arts, Language, Research and Culture;

  5. To provide grants to Oxford Central School educational staff members to initiate quality projects consistent with the goals of the Foundation and to bring positive attention to the Oxford Township public school;

  6. To make distributions, for educational purposes, to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or any successor statute;

  7. To seek donations of equipment and funds from businesses or individuals to support the Foundation's educational goals and purposes, and;

  8. To engage in any activity within the purposes for which corporations may be organized under the New Jersey Nonprofit Corporations Act